What am I reading today? 14 April 2017

Shelves of books in Stockholm library
What am I reading today?

Here are some of the stories that caught my attention in the past week or so:

Internet & Technology

The ACCC is taking Apple to court, alleging Apple mislead Australian consumers
An Italian court issued a nationwide Uber ban
Cloud viruses in the Invisible Republic

Telecommunications & Broadband

On 13 April 2017, the grace period closed for Australian Internet service providers and telecoms carriers to comply with the mandatory data retention scheme. They are required to retain prescribed non-content metadata for 2 years – or for “subscriber information”, for 2 years after the subscriber’s account is closed.

On a related note, the A-G’s Dept has backed down on its late-2016 proposal to allow civil litigants to access metadata collected by the data retention scheme. The report to Parliament concluded there is not enough support for expanding these regulations. It’s worth noting that litigants are (with a court order) still able to access other metadata which ISPs retain, other than solely to comply with the scheme.

Intellectual Property

Huawei phones face a possible ban after UK High Court decision
Accor gets its trade marks back from a squatter