What am I reading today? 10 Aug 2017

Shelves of books in Stockholm library
What am I reading today?

Here are some of the stories that caught my attention in the past 2-3 weeks or so:

Intellectual property

US: THE SLANTS trademark application officially approved - and the SCOTUS ruling 
US: Apple owes WARF $506 million for intellectual property it used
Canada: Haliburton officials upset after man trademarks name of county


Olive Cotton Award: Is it a photo? Is it a portrait? Should...
Beyonce Can't Dodge 'Formation' Copyright Lawsuit
Access Copyright v. York University: An Anatomy of a Predictable But Avoidable Loss

Broadband and Internet

AU: NBN's speed woes were a time bomb we all saw coming
EU: Sweden scrambles to tighten data security as scandal claims two ministers
AU: SA lawmakers drafting laws that include requiring suspects to reveal their passwords
US: New Bill Seeks Basic IoT Security Standards
AU: Government log on - Turnbull government considers universal ID
'Anonymous' browsing data can be easily exposed, researchers reveal 


AU: The creepy law proposed by Qld Police - Sunshine Coast Daily and Boing Boing 
*Ed: Let's hope the parliamentary committee catches its breath on this one...


AU: Telco groups at war over 5G spectrum

Law practice

How Far Are Lawyers From Drafting Smart Contracts?