The Paperless Office – August 1, 2010

I’m a little behind in my podcast listening, but one radio program that I enjoy is Future Tense, hosted by Antony Funnell on ABC Radio National.

Funnell recently interviewed futurist Richard Watson, the author of the book Future Files, and Matt Moore, director of Innotecture and chair of the NSW Knowledge Management Forum. They explored the question, “Was the idea of the paperless office a flawed prediction?”

I work in a law office which consumes an astounding amount of paper. I try to print only when necessary (and when I do, to print in either double sided or two-up double sided layout), but it is amazing to see how many more issues that I can easily spot in a draft contract as compared with reading on-screen. For that reason, I found myself nodding along with Matt Moore when he observed that to properly review documents, he needs to print them in order to “absorb” them properly. Richard Watson made a similar point when he talked about editing the draft for a new book and spreading paper all around the office floor in order to work out the flow of ideas from chapter to chapter.

Listen to the episode podcast – or read the transcript (paper or on-screen?) for The Paperless Office (15 July 2010). I think that you will find it interesting.