G’day, eh? We are Aussies – January 26, 2015

It’s official, today we are Aussies! This morning Anna and I joined 620 new citizens to take the Australian citizenship pledge at Brisbane City Hall.

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Do we now speak with perfect Aussie twang, enjoy the taste of Vegemite or magically understand the rules of cricket? Uh, no – and especially not the cricket!

After the ceremony, we enjoyed a fabulous lunch with great Aussie friends. Thanks to Fiona for putting on lunch, and to Fiona, Kate, Terri, Kaelene and Sharon for the Aussie welcome and laughs.

What’s next? Perhaps we should learn the lyrics to the Australian national anthem. Anyone know whether is the “national anthem of STRAYA” or “Advance Australia Fair“?

Oh yeah, and there is an election on in Queensland next Saturday – voting compulsory.

Drugs and Alcohol in Brisbane – Dec 2, 2007

Queensland Police is now conducting random Roadside Drug Tests state-wide. The tests detect use of drugs including cannabis, ecstasy, ice and speed.

Those who fail a random RDT face automatic suspension of their driving license (24 hours) plus the prospect of fines of up to $1,050, permanent license loss and three months’ jail if convicted.

Of the 63 drivers in Brisbane tested overnight Friday, five of those tested positive for illicit drugs (Brisbane Times).

Meanwhile, a woman was arrested after fleeing after a car accident in Brisbane on Saturday (news.com.au). She allegedly had a blood alcohol level more than 8x the legal limit.
Good luck to her defence lawyer!