Mt Coot-ha – May 5, 2007

Sunset at Mt Coot-ha
Sunset at Mt Coot-ha

Anna and I went hiking on Mt Coot-ha, about 5km west of downtown Brisbane. Mt Coot-ha is a popular spot for hiking, cycling and picnics. The forest, primarily open eucalypt, is Brisbane’s largest natural area at 1500+ hectares.

A little history

Mt Coot-ha was home to Turrbal Aboriginal people. The name is derived from “kuta” the Aboriginal word for honey. Since Brisbane’s settlement, residents have enjoyed visiting Mt Coot-ha for the views of the city and surrounding areas. In 1873 the forest was declared a reserve and supplied timber to the railway construction. Later Mt Coot-ha was designated as a public park.

Gold (in small quantities of low-quality) was mined on Mt Coot-ha between 1890-1950. During WWII, the reserve was used as a military base, mine storage and assembly depot, and featured huge searchlights that watched the skies for enemy aircraft.


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