MPH18: Who bakes Brisbane’s best fruit mince pie?

fruit mince pies

The 2018 Brisbane Mince Pie Hunt – our quest to find Brisbane’s tastiest fruit mince pie (or tart, if you prefer).

Banneton Bakery, Camp Hill

Banneton Bakery‘s mince pie. Heavy, lots of fruit – candied citrus with cranberries. Light, thin pastry. Golden brown colour. Could be difficult to beat! At $4.50 this pie make an expensive start to the pie hunt!

Banneton Bakery, Camp Hill

Flour and Chocolate, Morningside

F&C’s pasty was light and flaky, with good colour. Icing sugar toping was just right. But we disliked the jammy texture of the fruit filling. $3.30 each.

Flour & Chocolate, Morningside

Guest entry: Phillippa’s, Armadale Victoria

MPH’18 was in Melbourne recently, with its first stop for pie at Phillippa’s bakery in Armadale. Phillippa’s mince pie is traditional, with a buttery, delicate pastry and drier fruit jam filling. Slightly too much crust to filling ratio. That aside, we would still eat about 4 in one sitting!

Phillippa’s, Armadale

Guest entry: Bossy Boots, Brighton Victoria

Our quest for the perfect fruit-to-crust ratio has been rewarded! Bossy Boots served up a mince pie with flavourful, delicate crust which (imho) needs just that little bit more crumble to be perfect. Fruit was citrusy, with a wetter consistency. Overall taste slightly too sweet – this pie does not need the sugary glaze on the pastry star. This pie is a treat! It reflects in the price, too at $3.80.

Bossy Boots, Melbourne

The Bakers Arms, Woolloongabba

Back in Brisbane, MPH’18 headed to The Baker’s Arms in Woolloongabba. This pie’s filling was fruity with sultanas, dark currants, and (Anna tells me) hints of apple. I prefer citrus, but this is totally delicious. A great crust – firm yet crumbly texture, and holds together perfectly. Sweet taste with no sugary topping or glaze. Slightly too much crust to fruit. But at $2.70, this is the leading Brisbane tart yet!

The Bakers Arms, Woolloongabba

Stay tuned! More fruit mince & pastry goodness is coming soon.

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