It’s alive! Our DSL service was connected today – February 8, 2007


Our DSL connection was completed late this afternoon. Thanks, Optus! Telstra had to cut-over our twisted pair line from its own infrastructure to Optus’ equipment, then Optus turned up our new DSL service on its system.

After a fair amount of playing, the DSL modem and my router have finally reached a peaceful co-existance. And at long last, a broadband connection for our 3 computers! That 1-month credit I was promised hasn’t come through yet … not that this is a big surprise.

The initial speed test results put the DSL line speed between 3.8 – 6 Mbps, with a download speed of 600-780 KB/sec. Not too shabby – Anna is planning to put the DSL service through its paces with some hefty downloads this weekend 🙂

What does this all mean for you? Now that we have the Internet connection running, our Toronto home phone number is back in action — so you don’t need to call long-distance to reach us in Oz. We look forward to your calls!

PS – Rumour has it that Wiarton Willie didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day, so Ontario could be in for an early Spring.