Aussie comedy troupe rides ‘Canadian’ motorcade through APEC summit security – Sept 7, 2007

Members of an Australian TV comedy show, “The Chasers War on Everything”, drove a Canadian-flagged motorcade through two security checkpoints Thursday before being stopped near the Sydney hotel where US President George W. Bush is staying.

beard picture  Chasers War on Everything

Cast members put together a sham motorcade, using two motorcycles and three large cars on which they put Canadian flags. One of the troupe members was dressed in an Osama bin Laden style long beard. According to the ABC, which airs the TV show, police arrested 11 cast and crew and impounded three vehicles.

All 11 were charged under the new APEC legislation with entering a restricted area without justification. They were all granted bail, but on the condition that none of the group can enter any of the declared security zones during the APEC conference.

Of course, police and government officials were not amused. But with all the police and military presence, fighter jets doing sky patrols over the city, and a 2.4 metre high security fence around half of Sydney’s CBD, perhaps a little humour is just what is needed.