A makeover for Qantas roo – July 20, 2007

Qantas’ Flying Kangaroo, recognizable worldwide, may be in for some Botox treatment or even a full facelift.
The now-former Qantas tail graphics
The now-former Qantas tail graphics
It is unclear whether Qantas is planning to ditch the iconic ‘Roo altogether or perhaps to bring back the wings it sported on the original design. But it seems the airline would be reluctant to scrap the kangaroo altogether.

“A drastic change would probably not be smart. But some minor tweaking to bring it more up to date would be great, possibly to coincide with delivery of their first Airbus A380,” one observer said.

Qantas (and its low-cost division JetStar) and Air Canada have ordered 65 and 37 of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners respectively, amongst other airlines.

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