What am I reading today? 21 Nov 2016


Bletchley Park: 'Codebreakers school' planned for site
Secret Back Door in Some U.S. Phones Sent Data to China, Analysts Say

Telecommunications sector

AU: Telco competition law to be repealed

Intellectual Property

Broadcast does not include internet streaming (IPwars.com)
AU: Draft Legislation - Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2017; Regulation 2017


'Extreme surveillance' becomes UK law with barely a whimper
UK: How the UK passed the most invasive surveillance law in democratic history
UK: The Snooper's Charter passed into law this week – say goodbye to your privacy
Russian courts to block LinkedIn over data protection rules breach

What am I reading today? 21 Aug 2016

Shelves of books in Stockholm library
What am I reading today?

These are the links that caught my attention in the past few weeks:

Telecommunications sector

Spectrum sharing key to IoT, 5G: ACMA

Intellectual Property

Venture capitalists open their wallets for LegalTech
‘Tidal wave’ of law start-ups to come
ACCC to undertake market study of Australian communications sector


Bitcoin drops 20% after $70M worth of Bitcoin was stolen from Bitfinex exchange

What am I reading today? 8 May 2016

Shelves of books in Stockholm library
What am I reading today?

Some of the technology and intellectual property law highlights from the past 2 weeks or so:

  • Australians will be able to register domain names in the .AU top-level domain
  • The Australian government announced a new “Cyber Minister” as part of its cyberstrategy package
  • The Productivity Commission (Australia) has recommended that the Government clarify that circumventing geoblocks is not copyright infringement, and that patent awards should be more restricted.
  • Canada’s Privacy Commissioner will investigate the RCMP’s use of “stringrays” and other mobile surveillance devices
  • The US House of Reps unanimously passed the Email Privacy Bill. If the bill becomes law, US federal agencies would need to get a warrant before searching cloud-stored emails older than 180 days. But it would not require the agency to tell users when they request stored data from a service provider. The bill must still pass the US Senate before it becomes law.

Technology news & policy

auDA to introduce .au direct registrations
Australia to get Cyber Minister as part of AU$240m cyber package

Intellectual Property

Productivity Commission: Rebalance Australia’s IP system
Geoblocking is not copyright infringement: Productivity Commission


Privacy commissioner will investigate whether RCMP uses mobile surveillance devices

Law Practice

100 Innovations in Law

Technology law

MsLods' Law + tech news round-up 26 April

What am I reading today? 17 Apr 2016

Shelves of books in Stockholm library
What am I reading today?

In house counsel

Legal and IT Procurement must cooperate

Tech law news

Ms Lods legal & tech news roundup

Legal education

Should Legal Technology Be Studied In Law School?

Other interesting stuff

Paris Is Redesigning Its Major Intersections For Pedestrians, Not Cars
How the Mighty Fall: see Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V

What am I reading today? 8 Jan 2016

Shelves of books in Stockholm library
What am I reading today?


Europe Fights Back Against the NSA  (Foreign Affairs)
The Father of Online Anonymity Has a Plan to End the Crypto War (Wired)
How satellites spy on us (FastCo.Design)


Can CloudMagic Turn Its Email App Into A Real Business? (Fast Company)
What killed the infographic? Data visualisation grows up (and goes mobile) (FastCo.Design)

What am I reading today? 4 Jan 2016

Shelves of books in Stockholm library
What am I reading today?


Letters of the Law: Michael Geist's Annual A to Z Review of the Year in Tech Law & Policy
Yes, blockchains are geeky--but they are also the new website. Here's why
Technology could be cutting into your productivity in 3 ways. Here is how to change that
Common payment processing protocols found to be full of flaws
Expect 2016 to be a busy and inspiring year for technology executives
Business Method Patents In Australia
Blogging Highlights 2015: Privacy Issues - TeachPrivacy
Digital privacy about to feel real-world shock to its system