2019 Gingerbread Hunt Life

GBH19: Who bakes Brisbane’s best Christmas gingerbread?

Gingerbread men"Gingerbread men" by Rachelle @ Mommy? I'm Hungry! is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This year we decided that to switch things up by investigating Brisbane’s best gingerbread. We’re on the hunt for a spicy, gingery taste with vanilla and nutmeg – that distinctly “Christmas” taste. It might come in bars, cookies, cakes or loaves – who knows!

We still love the fruit mince pie and will continue to share interesting findings, but 2019 is about the gingerbread.

On with the hunt!

* Best is purely subjective. 
** GBH=Gingerbread Hunt, not a criminal charge :)
2019 Gingerbread Hunt Life

Gingerbread men cookies

Gingerbread men cookies, in the shape of a ninja kicking

We made this recipe last week, as a homemade entry for #GBH19.

Jess says, “These gingerbread men cookies contain a high content of seed meal, which makes them fabulously chewy and moist, whilst still retaining that delicious crunch on the outside. The mix of spices really dances in the mouth and compliments the malty richness of the molasses.”

If you’re looking for a gluten-free, grain-free recipe with a vegan option, this might be the one.

2019 Gingerbread Hunt Life

Jocelyn Provisions ginger trees cookies

Jocelyn Provisions' ginger trees cookies

Jocelyn Provisions’ ginger trees. Quite a thick cookie (8-10 mm thick) with more ginger going on than others we have tried. Light colour, great texture. The right amount of icing to cookie for Steve’s taste. $14.50/4 trees.

2019 Gingerbread Hunt Life

Flour & Chocolate gingerbread cookie stars

star-shaped gingerbread cookes
Flour & Chocolate gingerbread stars

Flour & Chocolate’s (Morningside) gingerbread stars. These 5g star-shaped cookies have a great texture – buttery, shortbread-esque. They are not too sweet, and are firm without being hard. Good for families with varied tastes, but I’m looking for ginger or spice flavour going on.


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2019 Gingerbread Hunt Life

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