2019 Gingerbread Hunt Life

GBH19: Who bakes Brisbane’s best Christmas gingerbread?

Gingerbread men"Gingerbread men" by Rachelle @ Mommy? I'm Hungry! is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This year we decided that to switch things up by investigating Brisbane’s best gingerbread. We’re on the hunt for a spicy, gingery taste with vanilla and nutmeg – that distinctly “Christmas” taste. It might come in bars, cookies, cakes or loaves – who knows!

We still love the fruit mince pie and will continue to share interesting findings, but 2019 is about the gingerbread.

On with the hunt!

* Best is purely subjective. 
** GBH=Gingerbread Hunt, not a criminal charge :)
2019 Gingerbread Hunt Life

Flour & Chocolate gingerbread cookie stars

star-shaped gingerbread cookes
Flour & Chocolate gingerbread stars

Flour & Chocolate’s (Morningside) gingerbread stars. These 5g star-shaped cookies have a great texture – buttery, shortbread-esque. They are not too sweet, and are firm without being hard. Good for families with varied tastes, but I’m looking for ginger or spice flavour going on.


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2019 Gingerbread Hunt Life

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